ELISA Microplate Washer

ELISA Microplate Washer

Microplate washing is a crucial step to obtain high precision results when processing ELISA tests. Ultra fast and accurate equipment can be used for ELISA Assays, ELISAPOT Assays, Microplate Coating, Multiplex Assays, Biochemical or Toxicity Assays, Cell Wash Equipment. The choice of the microplate washer model must consider several: compatibility of the microplate format (48, 96 or 384 wells), or channels in the wash head (6, 8, 16, 96 or 384), the number of liquids dispensed and the range of dispensed and aspirated volumes.

Microplate washer 96 and 84 wells that incorporate an intuitive control system. With the software, select the aspiration time, the dispensing flow, and the positioning of the heads, allowing you to carry out any type of application. The automatic network system provides a flow of inspiration and a constant removal of excess flow. Each of the wash channels has its own suction tip and dispensing tip, allowing for simultaneous washing of 96 wells. Quick positioning of the wash heads allows for quick washing of 384-well plates. Two types of wash can be programmed, normal or super wash (“overflow”). Optionally expendable, a simple precision module can be incorporated that does not require installation, dispensing and two-channel precision reagents with high precision. The entire system is constructed with chemically resistant materials.

- Washing of 96 and 384-well microplates;
- Volume dispensed from 5 to 300 µl;
- Washing speed of 17 sec on a 96-well plate;
- Agitation up to 80 sec;
- Washing syringe size: 2x10 ml separately;
- Number of programs and washing cycles per program: 1-99;
- 96-channel wash head, for a complete wash of a 96-well plate;
- Up to 2 independent reagents and up to 4 independent washing solutions;
- Dimensions (WxLxH): 61 x 69 x 56 cm.

Microplate washer of 48 and 96 wells with simple programming through internal microprocessor control and LCD screen. Two 96-well plates can run simultaneously and include three wash bottles and one waste bottle. Residual water drainage and moisture removal function that keeps the vacuum pump dry (optional, depending on the model).

- Washing of 48 and 96-well microplates;
- Wash volume from 50 to 950 µl/well at 50 µl intervals;
- Residual volume <0.7 µl/well;
- Washing speed of 5 sec per 96-well microplate;

Aspiration time: adjustable from 0.1 to 99.9 sec;
- Stirring time: 0 to 999 sec;
- Memory for 100 wash protocols and wash cycles from 1-99;
- Wash head: 12 row x 8 well or 8 row x 12 well;
- Includes 3 bottles of washing reagents and 1 bottle for waste;
- Dimensions (WxLxH): 42.6 x 53.8 x 23 cm.

96-well microplate washer, with internal microprocessor control with LCD touch screen. Equipment with simple programming of several stages: aspiration, combination of aspiration/dispensing of liquid and immersion, as well as the immersion cycle during a certain period. Possibility to create 100 programs defined by the operator. Includes 3 bottles of wash reagents, 1 waste and 1 with aerosol filter and 8-channel automatic wash heads.

- Washing of 96-well microplates;
- Wash volume from 25 to 1600 µl/well;
- Residual volume <2µl/well;

Aspiration time: 0.2 to sec;
- Stirring time: 0 to 150 sec;
- 3 level washing speed;
- Number of programs: 100;
- 8 channel wash head;
- Includes 3 bottles of washing reagents, 1 of waste and 1 with an aerosol filter;
- Dimensions (WxLxH): 37.5 x 34.5 x 18 cm.