Baths and Heating Thermoblocks

Baths and heating thermoblocks are equipments that can be used in the research laboratory, service laboratory and in industries.

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Dry baths - Thermoblocks

Equipment dry baths or thermoblocks, with and without refrigeration. Some models may have, in addition to temperature control, a timer and agitation control.

Heating baths

Equipment with precise liquid temperature control. For routine laboratory applications. Determination of coliforms, thawing of samples, bacteriological and microbiological tests and cell cultures. In some cases, it may have an external and/or internal fluid circulation pump. Available models with water baths and also baths with pearls. Greater energy efficiency and lower risk of contamination are some of the advantages of pearl baths over water baths.

Thermostatic Baths

Equipment with precise liquid temperature control, with heating and cooling system when necessary, external circulation and/or internal circulation.