Equipment to perform and/or detect ELISA tests.

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Complete system for ELISA

System that provides complete ELISA automation with a similar consumption of a single reader. The complete system comprises the functionality of five individual instruments: the dispenser, shaker, incubator, washer and reader.

ELISA Microplate Washer

Microplate washing is a crucial step to obtain high precision results when processing ELISA tests. Ultra fast and accurate equipment can be used for ELISA Assays, ELISAPOT Assays, Microplate Coating, Multiplex Assays, Biochemical or Toxicity Assays, Cell Wash Equipment. The choice of the microplate washer model must consider several: compatibility of the microplate format (48, 96 or 384 wells), or channels in the wash head (6, 8, 16, 96 or 384), the number of liquids dispensed and the range of dispensed and aspirated volumes.

ELISA Plate Reader

ELISA readers correspond to specific spectrophotometers for reading microplates capable of measuring and comparing the amount of light absorbed, transmitted or reflected by a given sample. Essential in this technique, the advantage of this equipment is the amount of samples that allow reading to obtain the result in a short time. Depending on the brand and model, they vary between 1 and 12 reading channels.

ELISA reader Ovucheck

The ELISA reader Ovucheck ReaderĀ® to be used with the OvucheckĀ® kits