Equipments for microbiology and molecular biology tests in the food and veterinary field. We have the necessary equipment for the various types of technology.

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3D Oscillating Shakers

3D Oscillating Shakers differ in their size and in the number of platforms they can have, single or double bearing. Adjustable stirring speed and fixed or variable tilt angle.

Bench Autoclaves

Steam sterilization autoclaves for solids and liquids

Benchtop Incubator Shakers

Benchtop Incubators Shakers with or without refrigeration, with control of parameters such as temperature, speed and time.

Blotting and transfer equipment

Complete electrophoresis systems with integrated modules for PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), FIE (isoelectric focusing), electroblotting and western blotting performance. Separate modules of: horizontal and vertical electrophoresis gel trays; opaque cellulose acetate cuvettes for detection and quantification of DNA damage and repair in individual cells in genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity tests; blotting units; image acquisition and analysis (gel documentation system, transilluminators); power supplies.

Brightfield Microscopes

High quality microscopes for use in research and teaching. Brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield and inverted microscopes.

Class II biological safety chambers

Class II biological safety chambers are ideal laminar flow chambers to protect the operator, the product and the environment. The cabin operates with negative pressure, preventing the release of contaminated air into the environment. Designed to offer total protection, the air circulating inside the chamber is filtered by a HEPA filter (99.999% efficiency), and the fresh air is also filtered through another HEPA filter. They also have an air speed compensation system before the resistance increases by the filter and alarms in case of electrical supply failures. These cameras are used in different areas of research, such as microbiology, virology and genetics and in the various service laboratories, where moderate biological risk samples are handled.

CO2 - O2 Incubators

CO2/O2 incubators provide uniform temperatures and highly stable CO2 and O2 environments necessary for the maintenance of cell samples, whether for the study of cell cultures, tissues, microbiology, food analysis, among other areas.

Complete system for ELISA

System that provides complete ELISA automation with a similar consumption of a single reader. The complete system comprises the functionality of five individual instruments: the dispenser, shaker, incubator, washer and reader.

Dry baths - Thermoblocks

Equipment dry baths or thermoblocks, with and without refrigeration. Some models may have, in addition to temperature control, a timer and agitation control.

Electrodes - Conductivity meters

Conductivity meters. Equipment suitable for analysis in outdoor environments, in aquaculture, sewage treatment and monitoring of environmental protection and also used in the area of ​​scientific research and education. Conductivity meters and other parameters such as TDS (total dissolved solids), salinity, temperature, electrical resistivity and ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Compact, portable and benchtop equipment.

Electrodes - Oxygen Meters

Equipment suitable for analysis in outdoor environments, in aquaculture, sewage treatment and monitoring of environmental protection and also used in the area of ​​scientific research and education. Compact, portable and benchtop dissolved oxygen and temperature meters.

Electrodes - pH Meters

pH meters and other parameters such as temperature and/or ORP (reduction-oxidation potential). Portable and/or bench top equipment.

Electronic pipettes

Very precise instruments to transfer small volumes of liquid, in µl, and with high repeatability. To work, they need to be attached to plastic tips, where the sucked liquid is retained. Micropipettes with single channel, multichannel 8 or 12 channels, digital, with fixed or variable volume. Models sold individually or in sets of 4 or 3 micropipettes considering different volumes.

ELISA Microplate Washer

Microplate washing is a crucial step to obtain high precision results when processing ELISA tests. Ultra fast and accurate equipment can be used for ELISA Assays, ELISAPOT Assays, Microplate Coating, Multiplex Assays, Biochemical or Toxicity Assays, Cell Wash Equipment. The choice of the microplate washer model must consider several: compatibility of the microplate format (48, 96 or 384 wells), or channels in the wash head (6, 8, 16, 96 or 384), the number of liquids dispensed and the range of dispensed and aspirated volumes.

ELISA Plate Reader

ELISA readers correspond to specific spectrophotometers for reading microplates capable of measuring and comparing the amount of light absorbed, transmitted or reflected by a given sample. Essential in this technique, the advantage of this equipment is the amount of samples that allow reading to obtain the result in a short time. Depending on the brand and model, they vary between 1 and 12 reading channels.

ELISA reader Ovucheck

The ELISA reader Ovucheck Reader® to be used with the Ovucheck® kits