Agitators - Incubators - Vortexes

Agitators, incubators and vortexes: this equipment can be used in the research laboratory, service laboratory and in industries.

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3D Oscillating Shakers

3D Oscillating Shakers differ in their size and in the number of platforms they can have, single or double bearing. Adjustable stirring speed and fixed or variable tilt angle.

Benchtop Incubator Shakers

Benchtop Incubators Shakers with or without refrigeration, with control of parameters such as temperature, speed and time.

Incubators Agitator For Plates And Tubes

Incubators shakers for microtubes, microplates and falcon tubes. Temperature, stirring speed and time control.

Magnetic Stirrers

Digital or analog magnetic stirrers, with high chemical resistance plates with or without heating.

Orbital Shakers

Orbital movement shakers, with the possibility of installing different platforms according to the material to be shaken. Some very compact models are ideal for installation in culture chambers and incubators.

Roller Incubators Shakers

Roller incubators for shaking culture tubes and/or flasks, with temperature control and models with and without CO2 control.

Rotary Shakers

Mixing shakers with the possibility of different rotation directions and for different sizes of tubes and/or bottles. Adjustable stirring speed and rotation axis.

Soil Incubator Shakers

Agitators Large capacity soil incubators with or without refrigeration, with control of parameters such as temperature, speed, time, humidity, lighting, CO2. Stackable equipment that can be configured as a single, double or triple unit.

Vortex Mixers For Plates And Tubes

Compact vortexers for tubes and/or microplates with stirring speed control.