ELISA reader Ovucheck

Brand: Biovet
The ELISA reader Ovucheck Reader® to be used with the Ovucheck® kits
SKU: TRD-751

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Products specifications
The ELISA reader Ovucheck Reader® to be used with the Ovucheck® kits

OVUCHECK® Reader is a Convertible Well-strip/Cuvette Reader and is a portable miniphotometer designed to do ELISA testings in either 1x8/1x12 microwell strips or round/square cuvettes by interference filter for wavelength of 400-700nm.
OVUCHECK® Reader is a user-friendly ELISA reader. All operations are carried out with only two touch buttons by following instruction on the LCD display, and results can be obtained within two seconds.
OVUCHECK® Reader undertakes testings with an extreme economic Reagent consumption, in microwell at 0.3ml and in cuvette at 0.5ml.

OVUCHECK READER® can be use with Biovet Ovucheck® kits to measure progesterone levels in milk or blood.

- portable, compact, accurate, easy to use and affordable
- Holders for 12mm diameter tubes or 9 x 13mm well strips.
- Houses multiple filters, including the 405 nm and 550 nm filters
- Changing filters and holders is fast and very easy.
- Instructions that are as simple as using a video device.
- Measurement accuracy comparable to more expensive devices.
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