Xpert TaqPlus Hotstart 2X mastermix

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Research Solutions
GE19.0001: 1mL
GE19.0005: 5x 1mL
Xpert TaqPlus Hotstart 2X mastermix

END-POINT PCR: Amplification of very long targets, as well as complex and/or crude samples (MASTERMIX)

Main Application: amplification of difficult and long targets
Xpert TaqPLUS DNA polymerase is an enhanced DNA polymerase with superior PCR performance when it comes to the amplification of long templates (up to 30kb).
The buffer composition has been optimized via high-throughput screening and the enzyme is particularly efficient for the amplification of difficult templates, such as mammalian genomic DNA, and GC-rich or AT-rich templates. As a result, Xpert TaqPLUS DNA Polymerase is this the ideal choice for consistent results in complex PCR amplifications.