Xpert One-Step Fast Probe (bulk)

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Using gene-specific primers (GSP), Xpert One-Step Fast Probe allows for first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent qPCR in a single-tube reaction procedure, decreasing contamination risk and reducing hands-on time considerably. Xpert One-Step Fast Probe consists of a RTase mix, a Fast qPCR Mastermix (Probe), and separated vial(s) of ROXThe RTase mix comprises a genetically modified thermostable MMLV reverse transcriptase with improved synthesis efficiency, lacking any RNase H activity, and an advanced RNase inhibitor to impede RNA degradation. The Fast qPCR Mastermix (Probe) consists of the combination of a highly efficient enzyme with a novel low inhibitory technology, which prevents the formation of unwanted primer-dimers and non-specific products, thus allowing for extremely high sensitivity and specificity. It can be used in qPCR based on a wide range of probe-based technologies, including Taqman®, Molecular Beacons® and Scorpion probes®.Xpert One-Step Fast Probe can be used to quantify virtually any RNA target, whether using mRNA, viral RNA or total RNA as template, including extremely low-copy number targets, with minimal effort and optimization.

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