Xpert Fast Probe (Uni) Blue

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Research Solutions
GE32.0100: 1mL
GE32.2501: 25x 1mL
GE32.5100: 5x 1mL
Xpert Fast Probe (Uni) Blue

qPCR: Highly efficient enzyme for extreme sensitivity and speficity, in both single and multiplex. Also available as One-Step kit.

Xpert Fast Probe (uni) Blue 2X mastermix contains all components, except primers and template, for the amplification and detection of DNA in qPCR based on a wide range of probe-based technologies, including Taqman®, Molecular Beacons® and Scorpion probes®. It consists of the combination of a highly efficient enzyme with a novel low inhibitory technology, which prevents the formation of primer-dimers, thus allowing for extremely high sensitivity and specificity.
Xpert Fast Probe (uni) Blue can be used to quantify virtually any DNA target, including extremely low-copy number targets, with minimal effort and optimization. Xpert Fast Probe (uni) Blue 2X mastermix is supplied with a separate vial of ROX reference dye, so it can be used with most*) real-time PCR instruments.This Mastermix includes an inert dye (Blue) as visual aid for pipetting. The dye does not inhibit qPCR but may impact the intensity of some fluorescent probes.