Xpert Fast Hotstart 2X Mastermix

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Research Solutions
GE35.0001: 1mL
GE35.5001: 5x 1mL
Xpert Fast Hotstart 2X Mastermix

END-POINT PCR: Extreme speed on robust routine amplifications with increased specificity (MASTERMIX)

Main Application: fast amplification of complex targets
Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA polymerase is a robust enzyme, suitable for the amplification of difficult targets with extreme speed (4-8kb/min), yield and specificity.
The buffer composition has been optimized via high-throughput screening and makes the enzyme particularly resistant to PCR inhibitors. As a result, Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA Polymerase is suitable for direct PCR from unpurified samples, including blood, urine, and bacterial colonies, making this the ideal choice for consistent results in fast complex PCR amplifications.