Xpert directXtract PCR Kit

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Research Solutions
GE60.0080: 80 rxn
GE60.0480: 480 rxn
GE60.1200: 1200 rxn
Xpert directXtract PCR Kit

DIRECT PCR: Convenient and easy to use combination of a simple and efficient DNA extraction method (15 min.) with the direct amplification using Xpert Fast hotstart DNA polymerase

Main Application: direct amplification from whole blood, mouse tails, FTA-cards, and FFPE tissue, etc
Xpert directXtract PCR kit combines a simple but efficient DNA extraction method with direct amplification using Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA polymerase in a convenient and easy-to-use manner.

Sample -> Lysis -> Direct amplification (all in ~1h15 min)

This kit can be used with a variety of samples, including whole blood, mouse tails, FTA-cards, and FFPE tissue, and is thus ideal for genotyping and screening, eliminating the need of time-consuming and costly DNA purification methods.
DNA extraction is carried out in a single tube, without the need of multiple washing steps, therefore minimizing the risk of contamination. DNA is ready for PCR in only 15 minutes!
Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA polymerase, with its extension rate of 4-8 kb/min, not only allows for fast PCR, but in combination with optimized buffer ensures high yield and sensitivity. Upon completion of PCR, the reaction is ready for direct loading onto an agarose gel without the need of adding loading buffer.
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