Xpert cDNA Synthesis Kit

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
GK80.0100: 100rxn
Xpert cDNA Synthesis Kit

Kit version, containing all necessary components for high performance cDNA synthesis applications (including the high performance Xpert RTase), in separate vials. Oligo(dT)20 and random hexamer primers included

The Xpert cDNA Synthesis Kit provides an efficient and fast method for the synthesis of high quality first strand cDNA from purified poly(A)+ mRNA or total RNA templates. The Xpert cDNA Synthesis core kit includes Xpert Reverse Transcriptase (RNase H-), a RNA-dependent DNA polymerase suitable for cDNA synthesis from long RNA templates. Xpert RTase has been optimized to perform under high temperatures (45°C-55°C), which facilitates the removal of secondary mRNA structures associated with high GC content. Together with the lack of RNase H activity, which ensures minimization of template degradation during long incubation times, this enables the preparation of long full-length cDNAs (up to 15kb).
Besides Xpert RTase, the Xpert cDNA Synthesis Kit also contains RNase inhibitor for protection of template degradation, reaction buffer, and dNTPs. Furthermore, for convenience, both random primers (N6) and oligo(dT) primers are provided. The kit can also be used with gene-specific primers (GSP). First strand cDNA can be directly used as template in PCR.