ViroReal® Kit PRRS Virus EU & NA 1.1

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
DVEV00113: 100 reactions - FAM, VIC/HEX, Cy5
DVEV00153: 50 reactions - FAM, VIC/HEX, Cy5

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ViroReal® Kit PRRS Virus EU & NA 1.1

Detection and differentiation of RNA of the ORF 7 / 3' UTR of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus lineages EU & NA

Background: The porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) is a single strain, positive-sense RNA virus belonging to the order Nidovirales, family Arteriviridae. This virus causes the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS). PRRS is one of the most economically important diseases of swines and is also known as Blue-Ear Pig Disease. The disease is characterised by reproduction defects and by multifactor respiratory problems. European (EU) lineage PRRSV isolates (type 1, prototype strain is the lelystad virus) are genetically divergent from North American (US) isolates (type 2, prototype strain is the VR-2332) but cause similar clinical symptoms. A great genetic heterogeneity of field isolates is observed and further complicates diagnosis.

Description: ViroReal® Kit PRRS Virus EU & NA 1.1 uses one-step reverse transcription RT real-time PCR for the detection of the open-reading frame 7 including the 3'-untranslated region of both viral lineages PRRS virus EU and PRRS virus NA (PRRSV type 1 and PRRSV type 2). Our carefully designed primers and probe ensure highest sensitivity and specificity. The kit consists of an assay mix for the detection of the pathogen as well as a positive control and an internal positive control (IPC). Reverse transcription and PCR can be performed in one reaction well.

Product Features:
- Amplification and detection: open-reading frame 7 of PRRSV EU and PRRSV NA
- Transcription with thermostable MMLV Reverse Transcriptase (M-MLV)
- Contains RNase Inhibitor to block RNA degradation
- ROX™ dye as passive reference
- Internal Positive Control System to exclude false-negative results
- Optimized to handle PCR inhibitors
- PCR- platforms: runs on all established standard real-time PCR- platforms
- Harmonized thermal profiles to run RNA and DNA samples simultaneously
- Kits format: 100 reactions or 50 reactions
- Channel Target: FAM & VIC/HEX; Channel IPC: Cy5