tripleXtractor direct RNA kit

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tripleXtractor direct RNA kit

Total RNA isolation: combination of the strong phenol/guanidine thiocyanate lysis capacity of tripleXtractor reagent, with a spin column system

The TripleXtractor direct RNA kit combines the strong lysis capability of the monophasic phenol/guanidine thiocyanate solution “TripleXtractor Direct” with a spin column system for convenient, rapid and cost effective purification of ultrapure RNA without the need of chloroform phase separation and isopropanol precipitation.

Following a one-step homogenization/lysis step with TripleXtractor Direct, in which cells are disrupted and cellular components are dissolved efficiently, while maintaining RNA integrity, the sample is passed through a RNA binding spin column. Contaminants are completely removed using a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol) in a simple centrifugation step. Optional DNAse treatment can be included in the protocol. The purified RNA is subsequently eluted by RNAse-free water. The entire procedure can be completed in approximately 15 minutes with a typical A260/A280>1,9 and A260/A230 >1,9. The purified total RNA is free of DNA and proteins and can be used for all common downstream applications such as cDNA Library construction, Nothern Blotting, RT-PCR, in vitro translation, Nuclease Protection Assays, etc.

Sample : Up to 200 μl of body fluids (whole blood, buffy coat, serum, etc) up to 5×10^6 cultured animal yeast or plant cells, 50-100mg of tissue, up to 1×10^9 bacterial cells.
Expected Yield : total RNA (e.g. up to 3 μg from 200 μl of whole human blood, up to 20 μg from 1×10^9 cells of Escherichia coli)
Format : spin column (certified DNAse/RNAse-free)
Operation Time: within 15 minutes
Elution Volume: 20-50 μl