TAE Buffer

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GB11.0110: 1L 10X
GB11.0510: 5L 10X
TAE Buffer

Wide range of solutions, commonly used for molecular biology applications

PRODUCT: TAE Buffer (10X) is an aqueous solutions of 400mM Tris, 200mM acetic acid, and 10mM EDTA, prepared with ultrapure water, and 0.2 μm filtered. TAE is the most common buffer used for agarose gel electrophoresis in the analysis of DNA samples and is recommended for high resolution of large DNA fragments (>3kb) or supercoiled DNA, however, it can also be used for non-denaturating RNA agarose electrophoresis.
Usage: The working concentration is either 1X or 0,5X. Prepare 1L TAE Buffer (1X) by mixing 100ml of the 10x concentrated buffer with 900ml of ddH2O. A 1X TAE buffer consists of 40mM Tris?acetate, 1mM EDTA at pH 8.3±0.1. TAE should be used both for the preparation of the agarose gel as well as the running buffer. Note that compared with other electrophoresis buffers, such as TBE or SGTB, TAE has a low ionic strength and low buffering capacity and may become exhausted during extended electrophoresis (>4h). The running buffer should therefore be replaced frequently.
Storage: TAE Buffer (10X) should be stored at room temperature and is stable for up to one and a half years.