Real Time PCR Detection Kit Reticuloendotheliosis virus

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Target: 100 reactions - FAM
Target + IC: 100 reactions - FAM, HEX
Monodose Target: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM
Monodose Target + IC: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM, HEX

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Real Time PCR Detection Kit Reticuloendotheliosis virus

Background:Detection of all serotypes of Reticuloendotheliosis virus species by using qPCR.
Reticuloendotheliosis virus belongs to the group of avian retroviruses. There are different syndromes associated with REV, including a runting disease syndrome, chronic neoplasia of lymphoid and other tissues and acute reticulum cell neoplasia. The various syndromes caused by REV resemble both Marek’s and avian leukosis. Runting disease has been reported in chickens through the application of vaccines contaminated with the virus.

Product Features:
-Assay Mix Target composed by singleplex mixtures of specific forward/reverse primers and probe.
-Resuspension buffer
-DNase/RNase free water
- (OPTIONAL) Internal Control Assay Mix
- Mastermix solution
-Standard Template, dehydrated target copies for positive control