Real Time PCR Detection Kit Histophilus somni

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Target: 100 reactions - FAM
Target + IC: 100 reactions - FAM, HEX
Monodose Target: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM
Monodose Target + IC: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM, HEX

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Real Time PCR Detection Kit Histophilus somni

Background:Histophilus somni detection by using qPCR.
Histophilus somni (formerly known as Haemophilus somnus, Haemophilus agni and Histophilus ovis) is a small, rod-shaped, non-motile, Gram-negative bacterium belonging to the Pasteurellaceae family. H. somni is a parasitic organism that typically lives as a commensal organism in its host. It is commonly found in the upper respiratory tract, prepuce, and vagina of cattle and can also be found circulating in the bloodstream. This organism has 3 primary forms: reproductive tract, urinary tract, and respiratory tract; causing a wide variety of diseases ranging from pneumonia, abortion, arthritis, myocarditis, and septicemia in cattle, sheep, and American bison. It is able to spread throughout cattle herds undetected until symptoms begin to occur.

Product Features:
-Assay Mix Target composed by singleplex mixtures of specific forward/reverse primers and probe.
-Resuspension buffer
-DNase/RNase free water
- (OPTIONAL) Internal Control Assay Mix
- Mastermix solution
-Standard Template, dehydrated target copies for positive control
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