Real Time PCR Detection Kit Feline immunodeficiency provirus

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Target: 100 reactions - FAM
Target + IC: 100 reactions - FAM, HEX
Monodose Target: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM
Monodose Target + IC: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM, HEX

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Real Time PCR Detection Kit Feline immunodeficiency provirus

Background:Feline immunodeficiency provirus detection by using qPCR.
Feline immunodeficiency virus is a single-stranded negative-sense RNA virus belonging to the Lentivirus genus. As part of their life cycle, once the viral RNA enters the cytoplasm, DNA is produced by using its own reverse transcriptase. The new DNA is then incorporated into the host cell genome by an integrase enzyme, at this point, the retroviral DNA is referred to as a provirus. FIV is the only non-primate lentivirus to cause an AIDS-like syndrome, attacking the immune system but is not typically fatal for cats. FIV is transmitted primarily through saliva, mainly bites, and progresses through similar stages to HIV in humans. After the initial stage of infection, there is an asymptomatic stage of variable length of time. Some cats stay in this latent stage for only a few months, but for some, it can last for years. Finally, the cat progresses into the final stage, wherein the cat is extremely susceptible to secondary diseases that inevitably are the cause of death.

Product Features:
-Assay Mix Target composed by singleplex mixtures of specific forward/reverse primers and probe.
-Resuspension buffer
-DNase/RNase free water
- (OPTIONAL) Internal Control Assay Mix
- Mastermix solution
-Standard Template, dehydrated target copies for positive control