Real Time PCR Detection Kit Citrus exocortis viroid (CEVd)

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
Target: 100 reactions - FAM
Target + IC: 100 reactions - FAM, HEX
Monodose Target: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM
Monodose Target + IC: 24 qPCR tubes - FAM, HEX

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Real Time PCR Detection Kit Citrus exocortis viroid (CEVd)

Background:Detection of all serotypes of Citrus exocortis viroid species by using qPCR.
Citrus exocortis viroid is a closed circular single-stranded RNA easily transmitted mechanically. It infects many species in the Rutaceae and a few in the Solanaceae and Compositae. Infections in Citrus are symptomless in most. Citrus exocortis viroid is responsible for exocortis disease, other names for the disease are ‘scaly butt’ and ‘Rangpur lime disease’. Disease symptoms develop when infected budwood is grown on susceptible rootstocks, and trees become stunted and yield poorly. CEVd is widespread in S. America (especially Brazil and Argentina), Australia, and the Mediterranean region (especially Spain).

Product Features:
-Assay Mix Target composed by singleplex mixtures of specific forward/reverse primers and probe.
-Resuspension buffer
-DNase/RNase free water
- (OPTIONAL) Internal Control Assay Mix
- Mastermix solution
-Standard Template, dehydrated target copies for positive control