REAL TIME DETECTION KIT Legionella spp. and L. pneumophila

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
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BACKGROUND: Nowadays, 47 species and more than 60 serogroups of Legionella spp. have been recognized. Legionnaires’ disease is the most severe form of infection. This infection includes pneumonia and the fatality rate can approach 50% in immunocompromised patients. The vast majority of Legionnaires’ disease cases are due to Legionella pneumophila, being serogroup 1 responsible for up to 80% of reported cases. Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease have been worldwide traced to a wide variety of environmental water sources such as cooling towers, hot tubs, showerheads, whirlpools and spas, and public fountains. Over the last few years, the reported incidence of legionellosis has steadily increased. Commonly used method for environmental surveillance of Legionella spp. is the standard culture technique, but it has several limitations as it requires selective media and prolonged incubation periods. Recently, rapid and sensitive alternative methods have been found to be attractive alternatives to the conventional culture method for the detection of slow-growing and fastidious bacteria such as Legionella. These methods are PCR based methods, in particular using real time PCR and specific fluorescent probes, that allow the rapid detection of Legionella spp. and particularly L. pneumophila in water samples. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: REAL TIME DETECTION KIT Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila uses real-time PCR for the detection of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila in a simple, reliable, and rapid procedure. The assay is based on 5’ nuclease real time PCR reactions to amplify a unique genomic sequence in the target microorganism. Our carefully designed primers and probe ensure highest sensitivity and specificity. The kit consists of an assay mix for the detection of the pathogen as well as a positive control and an internal control (IC). PRODUCT FEATURES: -Amplification and detection of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila, as multiplex -Real-time PCR with rapid hot-start Taq DNA polymerase -Internal Control to exclude false-negative results -PCR- platforms: runs on all established standard real-time PCR- platforms -Harmonized thermal profiles to run with other BIOPREMIER kits simultaneously -Channel Pathogen: FAM and HEX/JOE; Channel IC: ROX -Available formats: Kits with 100 for both targets (multiplex) or 10 reactions for both targets (multiplex)

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