Rapid Test for Salmonella spp. - Food and surfaces

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Rapid Test for Salmonella spp. - Food and surfaces

Tests performed in a single disposable device to detect Salmonella spp. in food samples.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Rapid test for Salmonella spp. is a visual and qualitative test detect the presence of Salmonella spp. in food samples in an easy and 100 % safe way. This kit integrates, in a single disposable device, all steps of the analysis in order to facilitate and speed internally the results, minimizing losses due to a contamination.

-Limit of Detection in food - 1 CFU/25 g
-Limit of Detection in surfaces - 1 CFU/100 cm2
-Hermetically sealed device, without leakage or risk of contamination with positive samples.
-Sample inactivated at the end of the test.
-Aseptic conditions or sterility not required.
-Enrichment and detection on the same device.
-Procedure in 3 simple steps - enrichment, analysis and inactivation
- Incubator at 37ºC is required.
-Shelf life: 12 months.
-Storage: 10-25°C