Pressure cell homogenizer (“French Press”)

Pressure cell homogenizer (“French Press”)

Equipment for use in laboratories or industries, used for disrupting and homogenizing different types of samples. Common application in microbiology is the resuspension of cell pellets and the disruption of cells and tissues.There are several types and models. Mechanical (rotor-stator, with blade), ultrasonic and pressure homogenizers (“French Press”).

Pressure Cell Homogenizer- SPCH
Pressure cell instruments for disrupting and homogenizing cells. This system takes the simplicity and ease of use of those systems and incorporates them into a new high performance safety interlock system. Equipment for several applications: Cell disruption, Nano particles, Liposomes, Microemulsions, Dispersions.

- Microprocessor control, simple operation and excellent reproducibility;
- Temperature control;
- Small sample volume, from 1 ml;
- Adjustable pressure range up to 4,200 bar (60,000 psi);
- Variable flow;
- Sterilizable cell and valve;
- Available cells, depending on the model:
-- Cell 1: for 10 ml volumes., 60,000 psi and flows up to 60 ml;
-- Cell 2: For volumes of 18 ml., 30,000 psi and flows up to 110 ml;
-- ULV cell: for 1 ml volumes., 40,000 psi per cycle, with high shear valve;
- Modes of operation: One pulse or automatic (semi-automatic cycle modes);
- High capacity outlet cooling for small volumes. (optional);
- Outlet cooling for standard volumes, needs cold/hot liquid external recirculation system (optional);
- Heat exchanger for cell body, needs external hot/cold liquid recirculation system (optional);
- Pressurized chamber for continuous flow (optional);
- Second stage pressurized valve (optional);
- Dimensions: (WxDxH): 53x53x67 cm;
- Weight: 110 kg.

Pharmaceutical Homogenizer / Ball Mill
Bench top homogenizer for fast and efficient disintegration of small volumes of wet and dry sample. Easy to use, powerful and fast, it is suitable for scientific or routine work. Made from stainless steel to meet pharmaceutical standards. Microprocessor controlled, LED display. Very simple handling. Powerful brushless, maintenance-free electric motor controlled by a digital processor. Applications in: Microbiology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Veterinary, Chemistry, Geology. Allows the homogenization of tissue samples in granite or marble. Ideal for extraction and purification of DNA, RNA and proteins.

- Vibration frequency: 3 - at 30 Hz / Power: 200 VA;
- Timer: 10 sec - 60 min. or continuous;
- Large capacity, multiple adapters available (not included);
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 37 x 41 x 23 cm;
- Weight: 42 kg;
- Some of the available accessories (not included):
- Teflon support for 24 tubes of 1.5 or 2 ml. 2 pcs;
- Holder for 1 “Deep Well” plate or 3 microplates. 2 pcs;
- Holder for 5 Falcon 50 ml tubes. 2 pcs. (Max speed 20 Hz);
- Support for 6 Falcon 15 ml tubes. 2 pcs. (Max speed 30 Hz);
- Holder for 10 5 ml eppendorf tubes. (Max speed 20 Hz);
-- Teflon support for 12 vials of 0.2 ml. 2 pcs;
-- 1.5 ml pitcher. Stainless Steel. Vol. sample 0.5 ml. (Necessary balls 5 mm. Ø.) 2 pcs;
-- 50 ml pitcher. Stainless Steel. Vol. sample 20 ml. (Necessary balls 25 mm. Ø.);
- Balls of diameter 10mm Agata SET 10 pcs;
- Balls of diameter 3mm Tungsten Carbide SET 20 pcs;
- Balls of diameter 15mm ZirconiaOxide SET 5 pcs.

Semi-automatic homogenizer
For the homogenization of resistant tissues and delicate biological samples, as well as the stirring of solutions.

- Microprocessor speed control: from 40 to 3000 rpm;
- With 1000 ml glass for cooling with cold or cold water;
- 6 adapters for homogenization vessels of different diameters;
- Height-adjustable base for homogenization vessel;
- Simple rod replacement (adapter for glass rods with 6, 8 or 10 mm diameter shafts).