Mechanical Homogenizer (rotor-stator)

Mechanical Homogenizer (rotor-stator)

Equipment for use in laboratories or industries, used for disrupting and homogenizing different types of samples. Common application in microbiology is the resuspension of cell pellets and the disruption of cells and tissues.There are several types and models. Mechanical (rotor-stator, with blade), ultrasonic and pressure homogenizers (“French Press”).

Fast and efficient homogenizer for samples in microtubes sealed with microbeads so that the rupture and release of cellular contents occurs. Efficient homogenization in about 35 sec and to protect fragile and heat sensitive samples it can be programmed to run in shortened consecutive cycles with a pause between cycles. After homogenization, the samples can be centrifuged and the supernatant collected for further processing. The unit includes microtubes filled with nuclease-free microbeads. With a transparent cover, it is possible to visualize the simultaneous homogenization of samples in 24 tubes, of 2 mL or 5 mL.

- Stirring speed from 2430 to 4260 rpm;
- Homogenization maintained at room temperature, from +4°C to 65°C;
- Digital reading of the parameters;
- Homogenization without cross contamination in tubes with microbeads and samples;
- Timer from 1 to 90 sec, programming up to 10 cycles with intervals from 0 to 2 min;
- Memory for 50 programs;
- Maximum capacity for 24 x 2 mL or 12 x 5 mL;
- Noise level of ≤68 dB;
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 28 x 36 x 38.5 cm.

Homogenizer for multiple applications, including prior and final disaggregation of solid particles in a liquid medium, preparation of emulsions or suspensions, defibration of human, animal or vegetable tissues, and intensive mixing or rapid mixing without disaggregation. Compact, lightweight construction for both engines and accessories. Safety switch to issue pulses or make quick stops working continuously. “High Speed” drives reduce the processing time.
Accommodation for rods of uniform diameter, the tools have a single connection diameter. By combining the different rotors and stators, they adapt to any application. The utensils are made of stainless steel and are sterilizable and autoclavable. Changing rotors and stators quickly and without the need for tools. All models are compatible with all cutting tools.

- Variable processing volumes according to the models:
--0.1-500 ml; 0.1 ml and 20,000 ml; 0.1 ml and 50,000 ml;
- Variable input power according to models:
--145W; 600W; 1500W;
- It can work in "batch" or in flow (with accessories, optional);
- Variable speed range according to models. PORTABLE HOMOGENIZER
Portable homogenizer designed for rapid homogenization, emulsification, suspension and disruption of biological samples. Stainless steel and autoclavable probes, available in various sizes, are suitable for homogenizing samples in microtubes or in tubes of different volumes. Included are 5 and 7 mm probes that are 50 mm long, ideal for use with microtube samples. Most samples are completely mixed in less than 30 sec. Motor speed is adjustable in 6 steps to suit sample processing needs.

- Stirring speed from 8500 to 30000 rpm;
- Homogenization maintained at a temperature of +4°C to 65°C;
- Homogenization of most samples in less than 30 sec;
- Capacity from 0.1 to 250 mL;
- Noise level < 70 dB;
- 5 and 7 mm probes included;
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.5 x 22.5 x 5.8 cm.