L-Glutamine (200mM)

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L-Glutamine (200mM)

Solutions commonly used as supplements in cell culture applications

Filter sterilized, 200mM L-Glutamine. Essential amino acid to be used as a serum-free supplement in cell culture media.

Quantity: 100ml

Appearance: Clear colourless solution.

Storage: -20ºC for up to 2 years.

Usage: L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid that is required for cell culture. Unlike most other amino acids, L-glutamine is not stable in solution. Degradation rate depend on time, temperature, and pH. The optimal concentration is dependent upon the cell type and medium used to culture those cells. The concentration of L-glutamine used in classical media ranges from 0.5mM in Ames’ Medium to 10mM in MCDB Media 131, with the more typical concentrations between 2 and 6mM. DMEM/F12 (50:50) is often used as a starting formulation for media used with Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO), cells. L-glutamine in DMEM/F12 Nutrient Mixture is 2.5mM. L-glutamine in Serum-Free/Protein Free Hybridoma Medium is 2.7mM. L-glutamine in DMEM, GMEM, IMDM and H-Y medium is 4mM. IMDM is often used as a starting formulation for proprietary hybridoma cell culture media. Hybridoma cells grow better in concentrations of L-glutamine that are above the average levels found in media. In order to obtain a 2mM solution, dilute 1:100 (e.g. add 10ml to 990ml).
Other final solutions should be prepared by the desired dilution (e.g. for a 4mM solution, dilute 200mM/4mM = 50 times).