Hybridization ovens

Hybridization ovens

Complete electrophoresis systems with integrated modules for PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), FIE (isoelectric focusing), electroblotting and western blotting performance. Separate modules of: horizontal and vertical electrophoresis gel trays; opaque cellulose acetate cuvettes for detection and quantification of DNA damage and repair in individual cells in genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity tests; blotting units; image acquisition and analysis (gel documentation system, transilluminators); power supplies.

Hybridization oven
The hybridization oven uses the proven rotisserie hybridization method. The rotisserie and incubation system provides the perfect conditions for consistent low background results. Mechanical convection circulates air through the chamber to create an extremely uniform environment, while heat input is controlled by a microprocessor. A clear window in the door allows viewing of the sample without interrupting temperature. The desired stirring level is obtained by adjusting the speed of the rotisserie shaft. Interiors are corrosion resistant mirror stainless steel. the ovens are supplied with a rotisserie that allows the accommodation of two 35 mm diameter bottles and 50 mL disposable tubes and collection tray. additional accessories can be purchased separately.

- Digital control through microprocessor;
- Temperature: Ambient +5ºC to 80ºC. (Resolution and uniformity: 0.1ºC/+-0.5ºC);
- Speed: 2-20 rpm;
- Adjustable rotation axis;
- Capacity: 12 bottles of 300 mm or 24 of 150 mm;
- Power socket inside;