GRS Genomic DNA Kit - BroadRange

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
100 preps/ kit 

The GRS Genomic DNA Kit – BroadRange – provides an efficient and fast method for the purification of high quality total DNA (including genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA and viral DNA) from a broad range of samples, including whole and frozen blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat, body fluids, amniotic fluid, buccal swab, cultured animal cells, tissue and FFPE. Eluted purified DNA (approximately 20-30kb) is suitable for PCR, and other enzymatic reactions.Principle The GRS Genomic DNA Kit – BroadRange – uses Proteinase K and chaotropic salts to lyse cells and to denature proteins. The buffer system is optimized to allow selective binding of DNA to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column . Contaminants such as proteins, divalent cations, and enzyme inhibitors are completely removed using a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol) in a simple centrifugation step. The purified genomic DNA is subsequently eluted by a low salt Elution Buffer or TE or water. The entire procedure can be completed within 30 minutes without phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, with typical DNA yields of 5 μg from 200μl of whole human fresh blood. Sample : up to 200μl of whole blood (fresh or frozen), serum, plasma, buffy coat, body fluids, up to 25 mg of tissue, up to 25mg of paraffinembedded tissue (FFPE), up to 15ml of amniotic fluid, cultured animal cells, buccal swab. Expected Yield : 5 μg DNA (in case of whole fresh blood) Format : spin column Operation Time: depending on the type of sample Elution Volume: 50-200 μl