ELISA TEST Progesterone in Bovine Milk Ovucheck

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ELISA TEST Progesterone in Bovine Milk Ovucheck

Measurement of Progesterone in Bovine Milk

The OVUCHECK® MILK ELISA is an immunoenzymatic test which provides a simple, reliable and precise measurement of progesterone in whole milk from dairy cows. The concentration range covered by the reagents is 1 to 30 ng/mL. Each kit contains sufficient reagents for up to 92 tests plus four standards. OVUCHECK® MILK is used for oestrus detection and assessment of pregnancy status/luteal function in cows.

The OVUCHECK® MILK test is based on the competitive binding of unlabelled progesterone present in the standard or whole milk sample, and a fixed quantity of progesterone labeled with the enzyme alkaline phosphatase (AP), to binding sites on a limited amount of specific progesterone antibodies. The wells are pre-coated with antibodies, providing a solid phase for the convenient separation of the bound progesterone from the free progesterone in the milk. After incubation, all components other than those bound to the plate wells are washed away. The amount of bound AP-labelled progesterone remaining on the wells is inversely proportional to the concentration of the unlabelled progesterone present in the sample. The bound labelled progesterone is then measured by reacting the AP with its substrate during a second incubation. The colour produced is measured spectrophotometrically and the concentration of progesterone in the milk is determined from a standard curve. Alternatively, the colour can be interpreted visually.

- Qualitative test
- Competitive binding of progesterone
- Standard curve determined by progesterone standards (1, 5, 10 and 30 ng/ml)
- Tests per kit: 92