ELISA Kit II for Wheat/Gluten (Gliadin)

96 tests

This ELISA kit is sandwich enzyme immunoassays for the quantitative determination of individual proteins of allergic ingredients in processed or unprocessed food.This kit uses “non-toxic” Extraction buffer, included in the kit and the sample extraction solution used in ELISA Kit II series are identical.

High recovery: Using an innovative extraction solution, the recovery rate is extremely increased. The food allergen ELISA kits can detect the target protein from highly processed food.
High sensitivity: The sensitivity (Limit of Detection) of the target (allergenic) food protein is: 0.31 µg wheat protein / g food, 0.26 µg gluten protein / g food
High specificity: The specially prepared polyclonal antibody can achieve less cross-reactivity against the foods using various ingredient.
Standard extraction solution: he sample preparation/extraction is performed by using standard extraction solution for all food allergen ELISA Kit II
Sample volume: 0,1 mL
Sample Extraction: Overnight (at least 12 hours) or Heat for 10min as Short Time Extraction Method
Measuring Time: Within 2 hours (excluding Sample Preparation/Extraction)
Storage: 2 – 8 degree Celsius