DNA Standard SUPREME Chicken

qPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
700 uL

BACKGROUND: According to the European Commission Directive 2002/86/EC, food ingredients must be declared. In the case of meat and meat products, animal species have to be labeled with precise information about the species and its percentage in the product. Additionally, according to the EU Directive 273/2008 and 1379/2013, the addition of cow’s milk in high-quality non-cow’s milk is regulated at 0.5% and the fish species labeling is mandatory with the trade name, respectively. Moreover, the species authenticity is also highly relevant to the consumer for diverse reasons such as economic, health, cultural and religious. Fraudulent substitution of cheaper meats/fishes in place of more expensive ones, the inclusion of meat in non-meat (vegetarian) products and the interest of knowing the animal speciation in meat products (halal and kosher) are clear examples for the importance of this issue. Several methods for species detection are based on the identification of proteins by means of electrophoretic and/or immunological methods. However, these methods are not reliable for application in highly processed and heated products due to protein deterioration. DNA is more stable than proteins during processing and although it can be fragmented by several processes, DNA methodologies like PCR based techniques still allow the identification of DNA from the different species present in a sample. Real time PCR techniques, using specific fluorescent probes, are especially suitable for these products because small fragments of DNA can still be amplified and identified with high sensitivity and specificity. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: DNA Standard SUPREME Chicken is designed to perform a comparative quantitation analysis of Chicken DNA in food and feedstuff samples by Real Time PCR. For reliable quantitative results, it is recommended to apply the DNA Standard SUPREME Chicken in combination with the SUPREME Real Time Detection Kit Chicken (BIOPSFS-0010 or BIOPSFS-sp0010) PRODUCT FEATURES: -Contain a fragment of DNA at a known concentration to be used as a standard -SUPREME Real Time Detection Kit Chicken (BIOPSFS-0010 or BIOPSFS-sp0010) (not included but necessary)

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