Brightfield Microscopes

Brightfield Microscopes

Ultramodern, upright and advanced routine microscopes for efficient analysis in transmitted light applications. Easy to use, robust and durable equipment. Excellent resolution and with contrasting and sharp images through planochromatic objectives with IOS optical system (Infinity Corrected (IOS)), which allow more than 90% of image flatness. Best choice for high contrast and resolution, significant optical correction, and low field bend and distortion.
Köhler's Complete Illumination System optimizes the microscope's optical path to produce high sample contrast and bright homogeneous light, reducing image artifacts. The X-LED light source ensures adequate illumination for rich, high-quality viewing with doubled light intensity and improved color, offers low power consumption (3.6W) and a long lifespan of 65000 h. Extremely homogeneous light conditions, configurable tricolor intensity pointer to highlight points of interest.
Several models of the series are available with different configurations to meet specific needs, according to the eyepieces used, light source, magnification and observation method. Optional bridge parts offering multiple heads, allowing viewing for a maximum of 5 people, suitable for analysis in either research or teaching settings. Accessories available for professional digital image analysis.

- Observation methods: bright/dark field, phase contrast, polarization, metallography, HBO/LED fluorescence;
- Transmitted Light Source: X-LED, with white LED (3.6 W) with brightness control;
- Incident Light Source: X-LED (8 W, HBO high pressure mercury lamp (100W), high power blue LED;
- Binocular/ trinocular heads, with 30° inclination and 360° rotation;
- Quad/quintuple revolvers, inverted;
- Eyepieces: 10x/ 22 mm;
- Planochromatic IOS objectives;
- Default magnification: 40x-1000x (oil);
- Condenser: N.A. 0.2/0.9, with centering system.

Specifically tailored for common laboratory applications and suitable for routine brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and LED fluorescence microscopy. Compact design, easy to transport and very flexible, these microscopes are ideal for both the research laboratory and the teaching field. The X-LED light source and fully centered Abbe condenser allows this series to obtain sharp and clear images using water with a 100x objective. Planachromatic optics with more than 90% flat image field. Accessories available for professional digital image analysis and software to simplify workflow.

- Observation methods: bright/darkfield, phase-contrast, LED fluorescence;
- Lighting with X-LED, with energy consumption of 3.6 W;
- Heads: binocular, trinocular with 360° rotation;
- Revolvers: inverted quads;
- Eyepieces: 10x/ 20 mm;
- Planochromatic IOS objectives;
- Standard Magnification: 40x-1000x (oil/water);
- Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, iris and centered diaphragm.

Compact, easy to transport, stable and lightweight microscopes, designed to meet all requirements of educational laboratories, ideal for primary/secondary school. Finite optical system that allows obtaining sharp images with a field number of 18 mm. This entire series is equipped with X-LED lighting (1W) for bright, even light. The microscopes in this series can run between 8 and 15 hours at a time and include: standard models with HC (high contrast) objectives with or without automatic light control; models (with or without polarized light, digital) wireless with N-PLAN objectives and Li-on rechargeable batteries. Five models can be equipped with a high-definition camera and monitor, enabling simultaneous viewing, favoring group study.

- Observation methods: bright field and polarization;
- Lighting with X-LED, duration of 50000 h and energy consumption of 1W;
- Heads: monocular, binocular, with 30° inclination and 360° rotation;
- Quad revolvers;
- Eyepieces: 10x/ 18mm;
- HC achromatic (high contrast) and planochromatic objectives;
- Standard Magnification: 40x-1000x;
- Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, N.A. 0.65 (in monocular microscope), with iris diaphragm;
- Automatic light control (ALC) and Li-on rechargeable batteries.