Blotting and transfer equipment

Blotting and transfer equipment

Complete electrophoresis systems with integrated modules for PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), FIE (isoelectric focusing), electroblotting and western blotting performance. Separate modules of: horizontal and vertical electrophoresis gel trays; opaque cellulose acetate cuvettes for detection and quantification of DNA damage and repair in individual cells in genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity tests; blotting units; image acquisition and analysis (gel documentation system, transilluminators); power supplies.

Electrobloter system for protein transfer
The electroblotting system for protein transfer has been recently redesigned to accommodate up to 4 electroblotting cassettes. Electroblotters provide an economical, safe, and easy-to-use system for transferring proteins and nucleic acids from 10 x 10 cm Mini and 20.5 x Maxi 20 cm gels. Both units are supplied with asymmetrical color coded cassettes as a unique design feature to prevent them from being inserted into the tank in the wrong orientation, against the transfer direction.

- Available in two formats: mini, to use up to 4 gels 10x10 cm or maxi, to use up to 4 gels 20.5 x 20 cm;
- Refrigerated tank;
- Clipboard: 71 cm2 (min) or 289 cm2 (max);
- Buffer volume: 2000 ml (min) or 6300 ml (max);
- Included: Refrigerated tank, lid, 4 cassettes and 4 sponges.

Semi-dry blotting system
Semi-dry blotting system. Fast and flexible system, suitable for Western, Southern and Northern blots, (RNA, DNA or Proteins). Offers fast transfer times typically 15 to 30 minutes. Western, Northern and Southern blotting can be easily performed through uncomplicated setup and buffering procedures. System compatible with gel thicknesses from 0.25 mm to 10 mm without the need for additional equipment. It has the added benefit of economical transfers due to the low buffer volumes – typically only a few milliliters of buffer are needed per transfer. Utilizes a threaded cap, which secures the blot sandwich and allows complete pressure control ensuring even transfer. The electrodes, comprising platinum coated anode and stainless steel cathode, will exhibit virtually no corrosion, providing many years of trouble-free use. Even heat dispersion through the blot sandwich ensures stable transfer times.

- Active clipboard: 20x20 cm;
- Required buffer volume: 20 ml;
- Gels capacity: Up to 4 minigels of up to 8x8 cm. or up to a 20x20 cm maxigel;
- Threaded cap that allows applying the correct pressure;
- Time required for transfer: 15-30 min.

Isocratic Focus Unit
The newly redesigned and optimized Isocratic Focus unit is optimized for isoelectric focusing applications using IPG BlueStrips and SERVALYT™ PRECOTES™ and PreNet™ IEF gels.

- Capacity: up to 30 Serva Ipg Strips or 1 IEF gel of 24.5x12.5 or 2 of 12.5x12.5 cm.
- Dimensions: Plate: 27x27x0.5 cm.;
- Chilled ceramic plate can be connected to an external cooler to maintain recommended temperature: recommended temperature: 20ºC (with IPG strips); 4°C (with IEF gels);
- Includes: Tank 37x31x8.5 cm, cooled ceramic plate, glass plate, electrode holder, anode electrode, cathode electrode, glass electrode weight, 2 quick connect tubes and 2 cables.
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