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COVID-19, the disease caused be the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, is mainly transmitted between individuals from respiratory droplets that are produced when coughing, sneezing, or talking. According to W.H.O. and the American C.D.C. surfaces and objects are also a potential infection route of COVID-19 as infected droplets can land on them and individuals can be consequently contaminated by touching these fomites and then touching their faces (mouth, nose, or their eyes). What is more, several studies have shown that virus particles found in respiratory droplets, can survive on plastic, stainless steel, screens, and banknotes, for many hours or even days, increasing the risk of infection in individuals.
The routine surface testing strengthens the existing hygiene measures and sanitation protocols by providing an early indication of COVID-19 contamination and reassuring the safety of employees, customers, and visitors in various sectors and places. Though the surface testing is complementary to the existing preventive measures, it is a necessary action that has to be taken in order for a company or organization to be fully compliant with the COVID-19 safety measures and protocols and to minimize the infection risk.

- Quantitative ELISA test with single-break strip plate of 48 wells (6 strips)
- Test time: 105 min
- LOD: 0.55ng/ml and LOQ: 1ng/ml.
- Compatible with automated ELISA systems
- Applications: Food industry, healthcare, hospitality, public places (airports, metro & train stations, malls)
- Shelf Life: 12 months | Storage 2-8 °C