Xpert directXtract Lysis Buffer

DIRECT PCR: Convenient and easy to use combination of a simple and efficient DNA extraction method (15 min.)
SKU: GE61.0080

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Products specifications
TechnologyqPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
SizesGE61.0080: 80 rxn
GE61.0400: 400 rxn
DIRECT PCR: Convenient and easy to use combination of a simple and efficient DNA extraction method (15 min.)

Xpert directXtract Lysis Buffer combines a thermostable protease with an optimized buffer, enabling simple but efficient extraction and conversation of DNA from a variety of samples, including whole blood, mouse tails and ear punches, FTA-cards, FFPE tissue, and many more.
The extracted DNA is suitable for PCR, eliminating the need of time-consuming and costly DNA purification methods. DNA extraction is carried out in a single tube, without the need of multiple washing steps, therefore minimizing the risk of contamination. DNA is ready for PCR in only 15 minutes!
DNA that has been extracted with Xpert directXtract Lysis Buffer may be amplified with any optimized PCR system. However, GRiSP recommends Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA, which with its extension rate of 4-8 kb/min not only allows for fast PCR, but in combination with optimized buffer ensures high yield and sensitivity.
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