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Screen Plant Pathogens Virus for Cannabis

With increasing changes in legislation concerning medicinal and recreational cannabis internationally, its consumption has been normalized and access facilitated. Therefore, a need has emerged for microbial detection of pathogens in cannabis crops. Cannabis producers desire cost reduction caused by the propagation of diseased plants infected by viral pathogens. To avoid it, regular monitoring of pathogens in crops is required.

Hop latent Viroid (HLVd), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CanCV) are pathogens of particular concern regarding cannabis productions. These viruses can infect the plant, reducing their yield, growth, and overall quality of the harvest. Profits will consequently be reduced which is a great concern for producers.
In the plant cultivation, some measures can be executed to prevent these illnesses. They can be maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, maintaining proper humidity and temperature, treat irrigation water; identify and remove diseased plants by substituting them with new seeds, plant disease-resistant cultivars and use disease-free planting stock or cuttings. Fact still presents in some cannabis production companies that are at risk of negative economic impacts regarding pathogen exposure.

As methods for pathogen detection continue to be enhanced, new pathogens are being reported around the world, and laboratories are challenged to find effective and efficient screening methods. The application of real-time PCR systems has various advantages being mechanization, high sensitivity, high accuracy, and versatility to be able to test for more than one infectious agent, reducing time and costs.

BPMR has established itself as innovation driver for products in molecular biology, being one of the leaders regarding development and production of qPCR-based kits in Portugal. Worldwide, we were one of the first companies to commercialize real time PCR kits for these plant pathogens.
We act in different areas, from food safety to human health with a focus in microbial detection methods. We provide a large portfolio of detection kits to support our versatility.


Plant Pathogens Detection

Plant Pathogens detection with Real-Time PCR Kits

- BPMR kits take full advantage of real-time PCR to enable a quick and reliable method for cannabis pathogen testing.
- These SUPREME kits are based on gene amplification and detection using real-time PCR with an RNA-based assay.
- Ready-to-use PCR reagents contain everything required to detect targeted pathogens with high sensitivity and specificity.
- The RT - Real Time PCR Detection Test Kit Supreme HLVd allows the detection of specifically one target, the HLVd viroid.
- The RT - Real Time PCR Detection Test Kit Supreme HLVd /LCV/CanCV allows the detection of the three virus simultaneously. A faster method that allows all the targets to be detected by using three different channels. This solution delivers significant cost reductions to your lab!
- All the kits also include an internal control (IC) that allows the exclusion of false negative results.
- Our kits have incorporated both a reverse transcriptase and an antibody mediated Hot Start polymerase. The mix offers highly reproducible first-strand cDNA synthesis from RNA, followed by real time PCR. The reaction occurs in a single tube, avoiding contaminations and extra labor. We also provide an inhibitor to better protect RNA components against RNases.
- Various tests were performed to ensure kit quality such as specificity, performance, and exclusivity.
- Specificity: In-silico tests with 100% of homology with virus sequencing databases. Our kits were also compared with the kits from the “competitor A” using real Cannabis samples. Results comparable and satisfactory.
- Performance: Tests kits used on two different real time PCR equipment. Results consistent on both.
- Exclusivity: In-silico tests with low or no cross-reactivity with a total of 17 different viruses sequencing databases (such as Apple Mosaic Virus, Arabis Mosaic Virus and Tobacco Mosaic Virus and other relevant plant viruses).
- For RNA extraction, our viral RNA extraction kit allows efficient extraction and purification of viral samples from challenging matrices containing high levels of polyphenols. Furthermore, the purified RNA products can be used directly on the PCR.


BPMR present to you a global solution from the extraction and purification of the viral RNA from samples to its detection using our qPCR kits.

Important advantages!

- Quick results (one-two days) in few steps: first Virus RNA Purification, followed by Plant Pathogen Detection and lastly Data Analysis. Check below the “A simple Three-step Protocol”
- Accessible and easy to use thanks to a ready-to-use kits.
- Harmonized protocols for Real Time PCR detection.
- Compatible in the most used real time PCR equipments.
- Includes Positive and Negative PCR controls and Internal control.

Real-Time PCR Solution: A Simple Three-Step Protocol

This flexible and sturdy protocol fits smoothly in any analytical lab workflow to reach the best productivity! Ranges from low to high throughput testing, with simple to use user interface, to, in the end, provide efficient sample interpretation.


Viruses Cannabis


For more info and order request, the links for the kits below:
RT - Real Time PCR Detection Test Kit Supreme HLVd (Hop Latent Viroid)
RT - Real Time PCR Detection Test Kit Supreme HLVd / LCV / CanCV