Dna Rapid Extraction Buffer Biopremier

Brand: Biopremier
Bacterial DNA extraction in 15 minutes
SKU: BIOPEXT-0400.250

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Products specifications
TechnologyqPCR / Real Time PCR/ PCR
SizesBIOPEXT-0400.250: 250 preps
BIOPEXT-0400.100: 100 preps
Technical SheetDownload PDF
Bacterial DNA extraction in 15 minutes

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The BIOPREMIER Rapid DNA extraction buffer provides a simple way to prepare and extract samples for bacterial DNA testing. A pre-enrichment with the appropriate culture medium is recommended and the bacterial DNA can be extracted with the lysis buffer, after a concentration step by centrifugation from samples in food, water, feed etc. in accordance with the standard methods (ISO 6579, ISO 11290, ISO 16654 and so on).
Lysis occurs by thermal shock and a centrifugation step removes part of residual cellular debris. The supernatant could be used directly for subsequent reactions like real-time PCR detection or after a dilution step to remove residual PCR inhibitors.

-Low cost and very fast DNA extraction (15 minutes)
-Compatible with BIOPREMIER Real time detetion kits and others Real Time detection / End-Point Kits
-Available formats: Kits with 250 or 100 preps
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