About Us






Biopremier is an independent company providing service in the food , founded in 2016 to become an innovation driver for products in molecular biology. Despite the young age we gather over 20 years of experience in molecular biology solution. Our clients are laboratories, private or government owned, that need high quality kit solutions or support in building up their molecular biology portfolio.

- We are constantly developing new kits for food targets.
- We also develop kits upon request by our clients, with short development times. We control the whole process, from designing the solution to producing the kits.
- We offer you thousands of high-quality products from diverse partners in the world for the food and veterinary area.
- Fast response time, direct support and personal contact with our customers are our top priorities.


BPMR wants to become a global reference in producing, developing and distributing kits for diagnostics' laboratories, in particular for real time PCR detection kits, ELISA and rapid tests kits, supported by its technical know-how, by its innovative capability and solutions presented to its clients.


To ensure the quality of our products, based on our know-how and experience, allied with our professionalism with which we intent to beat our clients' expectations. To deliver high quality solutions.


Ethical behavior - Ethics guides all our actions. We seek truth in all our activity, building and establishing trusting relationships with transparency and openness.
Proximity - The capacity to hear and integrate everyone’s' ideas builds confidence, knowledge and complicity. We thrive on long lasting bonds and we know that in face of challenges, a solution always arises.
Excellence - It is our modus operandi. Excellence reflects focus, passion and the pride we take being in the front line.
Commitment - What we commit to we deliver.
Learning - A constant of our life, to reach new and continues learning.