SGTB Electrophoresis Buffer

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GB01.0120: 1L 20X
GB01.0520: 5L 20X
SGTB Electrophoresis Buffer

DNA Agarose Gel Electrophoresis under Fast conditions with the new SGTB Buffer. Ideal for Agarose Electrophoresis of DNA fragments of 100bp to 1000bp.

-Time Saving: SGTB allows much FASTER RUNS Unlike TAE and TBE gels, which tolerate only about 110V, the low-conductance electrophoretic buffer SGTB, allows for the application of high voltage 200-300V without generating a lot of heat, so your gel won´t melt.
-High Resolution: DNA agarose gel electrophoresis using SGTB results in very sharp bands. Faster Runs result in less fuzzy bands.
- Better Separation: Using SGTB results in larger differences in relative mobility (Rf), especially between smaller DNA fragments.
-Stronger and Clearer: Gels made with SGTB are also CLEARER, increasing detection sensitivity; and STRONGER, making them excelent for blotting.
If you already get the separation you need with TBE/TAE, you can get the same resolution with SGTB using less agarose. With SGTB you save TIME and MONEY!