Rapid test Pro II for Soya

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Rapid test Pro II for Soya

Detect food allergen protein in both processed and unprocessed foods. The kits are also suitable for production line examination by swab testing.

This is a simplified test kit (qualitative test kit) for food allergens based on an immunochromatography method, and is suitable to quickly and easily identify contamination of food allergens. When the sample solution is applied on the test stick, a red-purple line will appear on the test window, if food allergens are contained in the sample (5ppm and more). Alternatively, if none of the food allergens are contained in the sample (less than 5ppm), a line will not appear on the test window. The reaction time of Rapid Test Pro II is basically 15 minutes. The extraction solution is included in the kit and it is ready to use.

High recovery: Using an innovative extraction solution, the recovery of food allergen proteins is significantly increased.
Special antibodies: Our antibodies can detect the target food allergen protein even after exposure to extreme processing conditions. Accordingly, the kits can be applied to the examination of highly processed foods, as well as swab samples collected in various point of food production line.
High sensitivity: The sensitivity of the target food allergen protein is 5 µg/g food in both unprocessed and processed foods, and 1 μg/swab for swab sample (when adding 4 mL of Extraction Solution).
High specificity: The specially prepared polyclonal antibody can achieve less cross-reactivity against the various food materials.
Fast: 15 minutes for reaction time.
Simple: No special equipment is required.The included extraction solution is ready to use.
Sample Volume: 1 g for food sample testing or 1 mL for clean-in place rinse water or swab kit solution
Measuring Time: 10 minutes (sample extraction) + 15 minutes (reaction time)
Storage: 2 – 8 degree Celsius
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