Rapid test Easy for Crustacean

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Rapid test Easy for Crustacean

Detect food allergen proteins from the samples such as swab solution and rinse water. The kit is very suitable to manage allergens for production lines in food industries.

This is a simplified test kit (qualitative test kit) for food allergens based on an immunochromatography method, and is suitable to quickly and easily identify surface contamination of food allergens. When the sample solution is applied on the test stick, a red-purple line will appear on the test window, if there is contamination (0,5 ppm or 5 μg/swab). Alternatively, if none of the food allergens are contained in the sample, a line will not appear on the test window (less than 0,5 ppm or 5 μg/swab). The reaction time of Rapid Test Easy is basically 10 minutes. The swab kit / solvent solution are included in the kit and it is ready to use.

Simplest: Just 1-step. The kit is specialized for testing swab and rinse water.
High sensitivity: The sensitivity of the allergen protein is 0,5 µg/mL or 0,5 ppm (Rinse Water), and 5 μg/swab for swab sample.
Fast: 10 minutes for reaction time.
Sample Volume: 0,2 mL for rinse water or 10 cm x 10 cm surface
Storage: 2 – 8 degree Celsius
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