Each kit contains: Master Mix, Assay Mix, Positive and Negative Controls 


The severity of the reactions triggered by food allergens vary from mild urticarial to potentially lethal anaphylactic shocks, even after the ingestion of minimal doses of the allergenic food. Within the European Union the presence of the most important food allergens needs to be declared on the label of food products whenever they are used as ingredients. Real time PCR techniques are especially suitable for these products because small fragments of DNA can still be amplified and identified with high sensitivity and specificity.

Soy bean SAMPLE

SKU: BIOPFS-sp0052
  • This test allows the detection of Soy bean DNA in food products after DNA extraction. Depending on the specific characteristics of the sample, procedures like homogenization and grinding may be necessary before DNA extraction. The kit is suitable for use in real time instruments with FAM and ROX detection channels.

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