Each kit contains: Master Mix, Assay Mix, Positive and Negative Controls 


Genetically modified (GM) food and feed products have become a reality. For the enforcement of the highly regulated legislation is essential an efficient detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food and feed products. Considering their large diversity (different GM elements in various species), the application of a generic screening for the presence of GM material is most often the first step in GMO analysis. The promoter 35S obtained from cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) and the terminator NOS from Agrobacterium tumefaciens are the most frequent elements present in transgenic material in food. Real time PCR methods to detect these elements are a reliable strategy to perform this screening. However, these regulatory elements do not cover such important transgenic events as MON89788 soy, H7-1 sugar beet or GT73 rape. Therefore, in order to ensure a widest  screening, it is important to also detect a promotor from Figwort Mosaic Virus (P-FMV) and real time PCR methods targeting these elements have showed to be a reliable strategy to perform this screening.

P-35S, T-NOS and P-FMV

  • This test allows the detection of P35S, T-NOS and P-FMV elements in food products after DNA extraction. It can also be used with animal feedstuff and other samples in which GMO detection is needed. Depending on the specific characteristics of the sample, procedures like homogenization and grinding may be necessary before DNA extraction. The kit is suitable for use in real time instruments with FAM and ROX detection channels.

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