NEW: DNA Standard SUPREME Horse


According to the European Commission Directive 2002/86/EC, food ingredients have to be declared. In the case of meat and meat products, animal species must be disclosed on the label. Moreover, the species authenticity can be highly relevant to the consumer for economic, health, cultural and religious reasons. Fraudulent substitution of cheaper meats in place of more expensive ones, the inclusion of meat in non-meat (vegetarian) products and the presence of allergens in food products are clear examples for the importance of this issue. 

Standardization of quantitative nucleic acid detection is complicated by the lack of reliable standards for nucleic acids. Substances commonly found in food matrices often cause inhibition of the detection reaction, causing an underestimation of the quantity of target nucleic acid or even false negative results. 


At BIOPREMIER we developed The DNA Standard SUPREME that is designed to perform a comparative quantification analysis of meat DNA in food and feedstuff samples by Real Time PCR. By using the DNA Standard SUPREME, Real Time PCR users can include a precise low count of DNA in their assays. the DNA Standard SUPREME allows quantifications starting from 10% of the DNA, serving as a reference value to estimate meat authenticity.


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DNA Standard SUPREME Horse

  • Designed to perform a comparative quantitation analysis of horse DNA in food and feedstuff samples by Real Time PCR. For reliable quantitative results it is recommended to apply the DNA Standard SUPREME Horse in combination with the SUPREME Real Time Detection Kit Horse


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