REAL TIME DETECTION KIT Cronobacter spp. SAMPLE -10 rxn 


Each kit contains: Master Mix, Assay Mix, Positive and Negative Controls 


Cronobacter spp. is considered to be an emerging opportunistic foodborne pathogen, linked to clinical cases of infection in either infants or adults. The sources of contamination, ecology, and virulence characteristics of this organism remain poorly understood. However, it has been isolated from a wide variety of foods including infant formula, milk powders, cheese, vegetables and meat. PCR based methods, in particular real time PCR based, allows the rapid detection Cronobacter spp. in food sample

Cronobacter spp. SAMPLE

SKU: BIOPFS-sp0024
  • This test allows the detection of Cronobacter spp. in food products after enrichment in buffered peptone water and DNA extraction. It can also be used with animal feedstuff and environmental samples. Pre-enrichment broth and temperature according to ISO 22964:2006. The kit is suitable for use in real time instruments with FAM and ROX detection channels.

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